Why is My Car Shaking?

August 8th, 2013 by

One of the most common symptoms of car issues comes in the form of shaking or vibrating. Car vibration can start slowly and hardly noticeable, but can quickly increase to where seems like you’re at a bass-heavy rock auto mechanic at car suspension repair workconcert. So why is my car shaking, you ask? Well, it could be a variety of issues. These range from simple fixes to major issues. Anytime your car is shaking, your best bet is to make a service appointment at Shaffer Hyundai to get to the bottom it.

Reasons Why Your Car is Vibrating

  • Engine Problems: Just going under the hood to the engine, there’s a number of reasons why your car could be shaking. It could be a need for new spark plugs or that you’ve got a dirty filter in there somewhere. Somehow your engine isn’t getting the right amount of fuel, air, or the spark it needs to work properly. You’ll probably notice the shaking starts when you accelerate, if it’s related to the engine.
  • Axle Problems: Your car’s axle can get bent if you get into an accident or drive your car on some rough terrain. Your driveshaft can also get bent, resulting in some shaking.
  • Brakes: Does your car vibrate when you put your foot down on the brake? That’s probably due to an issue with the rotor, which can get bent after a lot of use. When the caliper and brake pads make their move to squeeze down on the rotor to stop your car, they can have a hard time getting a solid grip, which causes the vibrations.
  • Wheels: If you feel the vibrations coming up from under you, then it could be the wheels. This could be as simple as a misalignment, but more often than not it’s a symptom of something more serious like a wobbly wheel.

Come to Shaffer Hyundai for Service

If you’re having issues with your vehicle, then bring it to Shaffer Hyundai. We’re located at 1000 W. US Highway 30 in Merrillville, Indiana, only a short drive from Hobart. Feel free to contact our team if you have questions about your car.